Historical Society of the Upper Mojave Desert

Accessions and Archives

Carefully preserving our history

Topographical Maps

Title Area Origin Date
Airport Lake    China Lake    1982
Avawatz Mountains    Death Valley    1948
Avawatz Pass    Death Valley    1948
Ballarat    Ballarat    1913, 1951
Bennett's Well    Death Valley    1952
Big Dune    Death Valley    1952
Big Pine    Big Pine    1950
Bullfrog    Death Valley    1906, 1951, 1954
Burro Canyon    California    1982
China Lake Coso Military Target Range    China Lake    1964, 1975
Chloride Cliff    Death Valley    1952
Cinco    ???    1972
Confidence Hills    Death Valley    1950
Coso Peak    China Lake    1951
Cuddeback Quad    San Bernardino County    1954
Darwin    Panamint Springs, CA    1950
Dove Springs    Death Valley    1972
Dry Mountain    Saline    1957
Eagle Mountain    Death Valley    1951
Emigrant Canyon    Death Valley    1952
Freemont Junction    Ridgecrest    1972
Funeral Peak    Death Valley    1951
Furnace Creek Quad    Death Valley    1908, 1910, 1930
Goldstone Lake    China Lake    1948
Grapevine Peak    Death Valley    1957
Haiwee    China Lake    1951
Inyokern    Inyokern    1943, 1972
Keeler    Inyo County    1951
Kernville    Kernville    1906, 1927
Last Chance    Saline    1958
Lida Quad    Saline    1913
Little Lake    Inyo County    1954
Manly Peak    Death Valley    1951
Marble Canyon    Death Valley    1951
Maturango Peak    China Lake    1951
Mojave    Mojave    1915, 1947
Mountain Springs    China Lake    1953
Mountain Springs Canyon    China Lake    1982
Mt Morrison    Mono County    1914
Olancha    1950    Inyo County
Owens Peak    Kern County    1972
Panamint Butte    Death Valley    1951
Personville    Inyo County    1982
Pilot Knob    China Lake    1982
Quail Mountains    China Lake    1948
Randaburg Wash    China Lake    1980
Randsburg Quad    Randsburg    1912
Ridgecrest    Kern County    1952, 1953, 1954, 1973
Saltdale    Kern County    1943, 1967
Searles Lake Quad    Trona    1915, 1922, 1933, 1951
Spangler Hills    Mojave Desert    1915
Walker Pass    Kern County    1972
Waucoba Spring    Saline    1958
Waucoba Wash    Saline    1951
White Hills    Inyo County    1983
Wingate Pass Quad    China Lake    1951
Wingate Wash    China Lake    1950

Non-Topographical Maps

Title Area
1846 Survey    California & Oregon 
1848 Fremont Survey    California & Oregon 
20 Mule Team Route    Death Valley (South) 
Auto Club    San Bernardino County 
Auto Club    Desert Area Touring 
Auto Club    Desert Quadrangle 
Auto Club    Death Valley, Southern California, SW Nevada 
Auto Club    California 
Auto Club Outing Map    Inyo-Sequoia 
Auto Club road map    Indian Wells Valley 
BLM rock art map    California 
Business property layout map    Ridgecrest 
Century 21    Ridgecrest and China Lake 
Construction Camp    China Lake 
Death Valley Expedition 1891    California, Nevada, Arizona, Utah 
Desert Empire Fair    Ridgecrest 
Forest Service    Bristlecone Pines 
Land Use, Open Space, Conservation Elements    Ridgecrest 
Layout of early China Lake buildings    China Lake 
Mining map    China Lake and more 
Mining map    Inyo County 
Minors Map    Death Valley, Armagosa, Nevada Desert 
Monroe School and Helmers Park    Ridgecrest 
NOTS and vicinity road map    China Lake 
Plat/parcel    Indian Wells Valley 
Property layout    Ridgecrest and Inyokern 
Proposed county roads    Ridgecrest 
Ridgecrest site map, NOTS area    Ridgecrest 
Road Map, Inyokern Road to past Darwin    China Lake 
Road Map, only major roads labeled    Ridgecrest and China Lake 
Road Maps    Ridgecrest 
Sec 27 property layout    Ridgecrest 
Street and property map    Randsburg 
Street map    Ridgecrest 
Street Map    Inyokern & vicinity 
Street maps    Ridgecrest and China Lake 
Streets, housing, and businesses    Red Mountain 
US Borax History of Death Valley    Death Valley (South) 
Water District Distribution and Well maps    Indian Wells Valley 
WEMO maps    Ridgecrest and China Lake 
Wheeler Survey    Indian Wells Valley and more