Ridgecrest Historic District

Historic USO Building
Est. 1945

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Former Victory Market
Est. 1944
Rebuilt here in 1948

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Original Kern County Engine Houses

Est. 1948 & 1950

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Original Kern County Fire House

Est. 1952

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Original Kern County Jail

Est. 1955

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Original Kern County Library

Est. 1956

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Veterans Memorial Building

Est. 1905
Restored in 2014

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WHEREAS,  The Historic USO Building was built in the closing days of World War II and opened in October 1945 as a USO Club. The USO Club was closed by the Federal government in 1947, and the building and property were transferred to Kern County. The “Kern County Building” was transferred to the City of Ridgecrest in 1978 when the county moved its various services – administration, court, fire protection, library – to N. China Lake Boulevard, Ridgecrest; and, 


WHEREAS,  The Ridgecrest VFW, which is officially known as the Lloyd. E. Frost Ship 4084, is located at 117 N. Alvord, has just recently celebrated its 90th Anniversary of providing support to the local area Veterans and Active Duty, and was originally established almost 76 years ago in Ridgecrest on June 28th, 1945; and, 


WHEREAS,  What has been designated by the State of California as the Historic USO Building started to become the center of “civic” activity in the suddenly growing little town of Ridgecrest in 1945. Community leaders used this USO Club building to conduct meetings of our town’s first Operating Committee (a precursor to a City Council many years later); and, 


WHEREAS,  The Historic USO Building has a current address of 230 W. Ridgecrest Boulevard, Ridgecrest, California; and, 


WHEREAS,  The Historical Society of the Upper Mojave Desert currently owns the Historic USO Building, the Original Kern County Engine Houses, the Original Kern County Firehouse, the Original Kern County Jail, and the Veterans Memorial Building, as well as the property upon which they stand. The “Original Kern County Library” and the small parking area between the original Library and the Historic USO Building is owned by Kern County. The “old Victory Market” and the parking area to its west is privately owned; and, 


WHEREAS,   A local “Historic District” is an area containing buildings, structures or places that have special character and ambiance based on historical value. The value may be based on the cultural and aesthetic heritage of the community and whose area constitutes a distinct physical section of the town of such significance as to warrant its conservation, preservation and protection from adverse influences. 


NOW,  THEREFORE,  BE IT PROCLAIMED by the Ridgecrest City Council that we recognize and proclaim a Ridgecrest Historic District around the current USO Building in order to raise the community’s awareness and pride in its past, build a sense of community, and foster civic pride in the beauty and character of the City and in its accomplishments of its past. 


APPROVED AND ADOPTED THIS 21st day of April, 2021, by the following vote. 


AYES: Bruen, Blades, Rajaratnam, Hayman, Breeden 

NOES: None 




Eric A. Bruen, Mayor 






Ricca Charlon, CMC 

City Clerk